Spicy Vodka Tamarind Cocktail.

An original recipe with bold exotic flavors.

A perfect summer drink! Citrusy, spicy, sweet and herbaceous!

1. Grab these simple ingredients

 2. Muddle the herbs-ginger, mint and fresh Thai chilis.

 3. Add the alcohol and all the liquids to a shaker. 

4. Add a handful of ice to the cocktail glass. 

5. Shake vigorously until cold to the touch. Pour the crispy cocktail into  cocktail glass. 

6. Add ice and garnish with lime wedges, chilies or fresh herbs. 

7. Sprinkle spiced sugar or cocktail sugar for a touch of sweetness.

Full recipe at:  www.simplysuwanee.com

DONE!  Serve with any of your favorite Thai dishes!  ENJOY!