Full recipe at: www.simplysuwanee.com

A creamy and refreshing Thai  pink drink!

Thai Pink Milk (Nom Yen)

Only 3 simple ingredients! An easy, fun and colorful pink drink.

1. Add Thai Sala flavored syrup to a glass.

2. Add oat milk. Choose any milk option!

3. Stir with a spoon to get a delightful pink color!

4. Add the  pink milk to  a glass with  crushed ice.

5. Top it off with evaporated  milk and more crushed ice

6. Stir and mix well.  Add a straw and enjoy your pink drink! 

Taste the creamy goodness with  your little ones!

Full recipe at: www.simplysuwanee.com

The perfect Barbie drink!

Thai Nom Yen