Thai Gaeng Boud Faktong

A delicious sweet treat using Kobocha squash!

This delicious Thai dessert uses coconut milk and palm sugar for flavoring is a light and creamy flavors.

1. Grab these simple ingredients

 2. Cut the Kabocha squash using a sharp thick knife.

Be careful, they are hard to slice through sometimes.

 3. Use  firm grips and slice through.  A solid cutting board and sharp knife helps!

4. Use a spoon to scrape out the seeds and fibrous parts. 

5. Slice the squash into small pieces for the dessert. 

6. Boil the squash, sugar, water and coconut milk on stovetop until the squash is soft. 

7. Serve warm or allow it  to chill and serve cold.  Add a scoop of ice cream  if preferred!

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